Quality, certifications, and innovation
in the tanning industry

Quality is the core of our corporate philosophy. Our measuring machines for leathers are designed to be low maintenance, with functional parts that last 20-30 years. The entirely self-manufactured electronics and intuitive, user-friendly interface are proof of our commitment to innovation and usability. Our tannery machinery, renowned for its reliability and precision, is the result of thorough tests during the design and testing phase. In addition, the quality of our customer service is unparalleled, with immediate assistance and efficient international support.

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Industry 4.0: tannery machines with advanced technology

We fully embrace Industry 4.0 principles at Wega, developing advanced software for integrating and transmitting data to tannery management systems. This enables us to manage all stages of leather processing, from production to invoicing and dispatch. The adaptability of our software to the diverse languages and management systems of tanneries is another example of our commitment to customised and state-of-the-art solutions. We are constantly progressing towards more advanced traceability systems, responding effectively to the increasingly complex demands of our customers.

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Our certifications

Wega Srl holds MID certification (Measuring Instruments Directive) certification in compliance with European Directive 2014/32/EU, issued by Kiwa and Cermet. This certification, which is essential for guaranteeing measurement precision and reliability, is a significant acknowledgement in our field, demonstrating our dedication to quality and accuracy in all the measuring instruments we manufacture.

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