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Wega Srl: your partner for measuring leathers

Wega Srl specialises in the design and production of electronic measuring machines for leather, essential instruments for tanneries, shoe factories, leather goods, sofa manufacturers, traders and manufacturers of leather items. Our focus is on innovation: we develop electronic measuring machines that are advanced not only in data collection, but also in software integration. Indeed, these machines do not just measure, but are equipped with sophisticated systems for data transmission and management.

Thanks to this technology, our customers can easily integrate the collected data with their management systems: this enables them to efficiently monitor the various processing stages, optimise invoicing and dispatch management. Our technology is a significant step forward in digitising and automating the production process in the tanning industry.

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Wega Srl started up 35 years ago in Arzignano, Italy, to fulfil the specific needs of the tanning and leather industry. Since 1988, we have evolved our business, becoming a global leader in creating machines for leather measurement and traceability.

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Figures, quality and
global leadership

Today, Wega Srl stands out for its global presence with more than 2,000 machines operating worldwide. Our 30 years of experience and wide variety of measuring machine models reflect our commitment to quality and innovation. Our reputation as a global leader in the field is sustained by the durability, reliability and low maintenance requirements of our machines.

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Wega strengths

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Machine reliability

Low maintenance required and long-lasting performance.

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Software versatility

Software adaptable to various environments and languages.

Icona assistenza immediata
Immediate assistance

Support both on-site and remote, including international assistance.

Icona profonda esperienza nel settore
In-depth experience in the industry

Thorough tannery and leather processing knowledge.

Icona attenzione alla soddisfazione del cliente
Attention to customer satisfaction

Constant commitment towards quality service and innovation.


Our vision is to lead the digital evolution in the tanning industry, transforming traditional processes into advanced technological solutions. We aim to be a flagship for innovation, actively contributing to optimising and modernising the various stages of leather processing.


Our mission is to provide highly specialised products, such as electronic measuring machines for leather, precision thickness gauges, and integrated traceability systems. We offer solutions that not only improve efficiency and accuracy in measuring and data processing but are also customisable to suit each customer's specific needs. At Wega, we strive to provide state-of-the-art technologies that meet contemporary industry challenges, ensuring our customers a reliable instrument for managing the value of leather.

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